1 - Online & Mobile Bullying Reporting
Customized App & Web Solutions Allow
Users To :
Report bullying & cyber-bullying anonymously, online at NJSafeSchools.com or with a mobile app for the iPhone or Android powered devices
Share photos, videos or web links
Find helpful resources online
Link to list of school district's anti-bullying policy
Recognize, prevent and STOP bullying
2 - Secure Database
Secure Database & Alert System Allow School Administrators To :
Receive instant notifications
Manage reports in a secure online database
Share information quickly
Review open/closed reports
Track annual statistics
Password protection
Regularly monitored for security
Access from any internet connected device
Automatically assign case number and
investigation deadlines
3 - Streamline Investigations
Custom Anti-Bullying Forms And Records
Allow Districts To :
Access and edit incident reports quickly
and on the go with easy web access
Assign investigators
Analyze data and track trends by report location and incident type, online or with a mobile app
Reduce investigation time
Utilize step-by-step forms
Save time and resources
Assist schools to comply with the New
Jersey Anti-Bullying Bill Of Rights